Why should I come to RC Auto to find a car instead of going through a dealership?

RC Auto was created to teach customers how to intelligently lease or purchase a vehicle while disclosing everything necessary to make a sound decision. No managers, no finance department. One, and only one, RC Auto representative is involved from beginning to end, and we collaborate with our customers to find out if leasing or buying is right for them. As an independent dealer we aren't bias to any one brand, so we can help you select not only the most reliable vehicle in the marketplace, but the vehicle that will hold the most resale value. We do all the necessary research and paperwork on your behalf to make the car-buying experience as enjoyable and efficient for you as possible.

What kinds of cars can I get through RC Auto?

Because we are an independent leasing and sales company, we can acquire any make or model of vehicle, new or pre-owned. We stress vehicle value, and because we have no obligation to any one manufacturer, we can help you sort out which vehicle represents the best value to you, the end user.

Does RC Auto sell pre-owned vehicles?

Yes, and most of our vehicles are "RC Classified" which means that we sold the vehicle brand new so we know the original owner and vehicle history. 

Will I save money buying a car through RC Auto?

Yes! RC Auto is able to offer national fleet discounts to our clients. As a result there is no need for any price haggling as we are able to offer our clients the best price available for the vehicle of their choice. In addition to the upfront savings, there will also be savings over the life of the vehicle while it's in your care.

Do I still receive the rebates or incentives advertised by the manufacturer? 

If there are rebates available on certain models, we will pass them through to you. Manufacturers use rebates and incentives to sometimes sell, or stimulate interest in slow moving merchandise. When you consider the potential resale value of these slow moving models, the models with rebates may not always represent the best value. We review all possibilities so we can help you make the best financial decision.

Do you take trade-ins?

Yes, we happily accept vehicle trade-ins as part of the transaction. We attempt to maximize the amount we can allow for your trade-in by acquiring several competitive bids for your vehicle, compared to the one opinion you would receive at conventional dealerships.

What about the service and maintenance on my leased or purchased vehicle?

We do it all right here on site. We are proud to offer a full service experience for all your vehicle's needs at our RC Auto Service Center. Our costs to you are less due to our lower overhead, and we offer rental cars to our customers so you can stay on the go while your service is being completed. We service all makes and models of vehicles, even if you didn't purchase your vehicle from RC Auto.

What other services does RC Auto Provide?

At RC Auto, we stress the service advantages we provide to our clients. National fleet discounts are made available on every conceivable item from the vehicle itself, to sheepskin seat covers, window tinting and body work….essentially any service area possible. We are here to assist you with any unlikely warranty disputes or to render a second opinion on any service related items. Opening our new RC Auto Service Center in 2015 allows us to do all service and repairs in-house to our client's vehicles. Should you have an emergency and it cannot wait until normal business hours, our clients can reach us for assistance 24 hours a day. Service is extended through the entire term of the lease.